EDVT Indexable Inserts

Grooving cutting blade
EDVT Grooving cutting blade
20 8 月, 2019
indexable inderts
EDVT Indexable Inserts
20 8 月, 2019
Indexable Inserts Indexable Inserts

EDVT Indexable Inserts

● Product description:
1.Properties and application:
2.Milling insert made of cemented carbide PL 30, PVD coated (TiAlN coating)
3.90° milling
4.Cutting direction: right
5.Special blade for steel stainless steel

● Features:
1.Brand Name: EDVT
2.Place of Origin: China
3.Model Number: APMT1135/ APMT1604
4.Suitable Work Piece:For General Usage Material Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
5.Application Range: For Finishing
6.Material: Tungsten Alloy
7.Coating Material:NC-TiALN
9. MOQ:10pcs, 1 box
10.package:plastic box

Indexable Inserts

Indexable Inserts schenatic diagram

Indexable Inserts schematic diagram

Indexable Inserts norm table

Norm L 1.w s Φd r Adapter screw Fit wrench
APMT1135(Machining steel)H2 11.12 6.2 3.5 2.8 0.8 M2.5*6 T8
APMT1135(Machining steel)M2 11.12 6.2 3.5 2.8 0.4 M2.5*6 T8
APMT1604(Machining steel)H2 17.15 9.28 4.76 4.4 0.8 M4*9 T15
APMT1604(Machining steel)M2 17.15 9.28 4.76 4.4 0.4 M4*9 T15
APMT1135(Stainless steel containing silicon)H2 11.12 6.2 3.5 2.8 0.8 M2.5*6 T8
APMT1135(Stainless steel containing silicon)M2 11.12 6.2 3.5 2.8 0.4 M2.5*6 T8
APMT1604(Stainless steel containing silicon)H2 17.15 9.28 4.76 4.4 0.8 M4*9 T15
APMT1604(Stainless steel containing silicon)M2 17.15 9.28 4.76 4.4 0.4 M4*9 T15
APMT1135(Processing aluminum parts) M2.5*6 T8
APMT1604(Processing aluminum parts) M4*9 T15
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