EDVT Square handle conversion sleeve

Morse square handle
EDVT Morse square handle
9月 27, 2019
two handle conversion sleeve
EDVT Two conversion sleeve
9月 27, 2019
square handle conversion sleeve square handle conversion sleeve
square handle conversion sleeve square handle conversion sleeve

EDVT Square handle conversion sleeve

● Product description:
1.The outer diameter of the extension rod and other parts are precision ground to eliminate the unbalance margin, which is good for cutting stability.
2.Universal performance, can hold various sizes of shank diameter Drills, center drills, taps, turning tools, etc., suitable for all kinds of CNC lathes, automatic lathes, hexagonal drilling machines, etc.

● Features:
1.Material: 20CrMnTi
2.Hardness: 55~58HRC
3.T.I.R: ≤0.005mm
4. Vacuum hardening to improve the hardness and service life of the tool holder


Square handle conversion sleeve schematic diagram

square handle conversion sleeve

Square handle conversion sleeve
Model No. Norm Size
D(mm) d1(mm) Cutting plane Clamping method L(mm)
ER C18-SL16*4-ER16A-80L 18 16 4 ER16A 80
C22-SL20*4-ER20A-80L 22 20 4 ER20A 80
C25-SL22*4-ER25UM-80L 25 22 4 ER25UM 80
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