LHY ER32/40 Nut

CAT-ER Tool holder
LHY CAT-ER Tool holder
20 9 月, 2019
ER25 Nut
LHY ER25 Nut
18 9 月, 2019
ER32/40 Nut ER32/40 Nut
ER32/40 Nut ER32/40 Nut

LHY ER32/40 Nut

● Product description:
1.Application: CNC tool, woodworking machine, engraving machine
2.Using the general thread distance, universal model,
3.This product has the advantages of high precision, reduce broken knife probability

● Features:
1.Accuracy 0.004 mm
2.Packing: 1Pcsx32/40 nut
3.Product material: high quality 40crm steel
4.Hardness: HRC46
5.Thread: 4H

ER32/40 Nut

ER32 /40 Nut schematic diagram

ER32/40 Nut schematic diagram

ER Nut
Model.NO coding Type D H M d
ER32 80501090 ER32-UM(M40*1.5) 50 25 M40*1.5 38.50
80501091 ER32-UM Unbiased (M40*1.5) 50 25 M40*1.5 38.50
80501092 GER32 (M40*1.5) 48 25 M40*1.5 38.50
80501093 ER32-UM Left-handed(M40*1.5) 50 25 M40*1.5 38.50
ER40 80501100 ER40-UM (M50*1.5) 63 28 M50*1.5 48.50
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