LHY ERG32 Rigid tap collets

ERG40 Rigid tap collets
LHY ERG40 Rigid tap collets
9 9 月, 2019
LHY ERG25 Rigid tap collets
9 9 月, 2019
ERG32 Rigid tap collets ERG32 Rigid tap collets
ERG32 Rigid tap collets ERG32 Rigid tap collets

LHY ERG32 Rigid tap collets

● Product description:
1.Ease of operation and high quality work results
2.Collet must be assembled into the clamping nut before inserting into the chuck
3.For CNC milling lathe tool, workholding engraving machine, clamping drill, straight shank tool
4.After heat treatment and cold drawing hardening,the strength is relatively high ,with a certain degree of fiexibility and plasticity :Under the same surface condition and full quenching condiction ,the fatigue limit is equivalent to the colorful alloy spring.

● Features:
1.Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China
2.Brand Name:LHY
3.Model Number:ERG collet
4.Products name:ERG32 Tapping collet chuck
6.Inspection::100% collet inspection
7.Usage:Drill and tap and mill
8.Package:Plastic Box

ERG32 Rigid tap collets

ERG32 Rigid tap collets schematic diagram


ERG16-2.8*2.1 ERG20-2.8*2.1 ERG25-2.8*2.1 ERG32-3.5*2.7 ERG40-10.0*8.0
ERG16-3.0*2.5 ERG20-3.5*2.7 ERG25-3.5*2.7 ERG32-4.0*3.2 ERG40-3.5*2.7
ERG16-3.5*2.7 ERG20-4.0*3.0 ERG25-4.0*3.O ERG32-4.0*3.4 ERG40-4.0*3.0
ERG16-4.0*3.0 ERG20-4.0*3.2 ERG25-4.0*3.2 ERG32-4.5*3.55 ERG40-4.5*3.4
ERG16-4.0*3.2 ERG20-4.0*3.5 ERG25-4.5*3.4 ERG32-4.5*3.6 ERG40-6.0*4.9
ERG16-4.5*3.4 ERG20-4.5*3.4 ERG25-4.5*3.5 ERG32-5.0*4.0 ERG40-6.3*5.0
ERG16-5.0*4.0 ERG20-4.5*3.55 ERG25-5.0*4.0 ERG32-5.5*4.3 ERG40-7.0*5.5
ERG16-5.5*4.3 ERG20-5.0*4.0 ERG25-5.5*4.3 ERG32-5.5*4.5 ERG40-8.0*6.2
ERG16-5.5*4.5 ERG20-5.5*4.3 ERG25-5.5*4.5 ERG32-6.0*4.5 ERG40-8.0*6.3
ERG16-6.0*4.3 ERG20-5.5*4.5 ERG25-6.0*4.5 ERG32-6.0*4.9 ERG40-9.0*7.0
ERG16-6.0*4.5 ERG20-6.0*4.5 ERG25-6.0*4.9 ERG32-6.2*5.0 ERG40-9.0*7.1
ERG16-6.0*4.9 ERG20-6.0*4.9 ERG25-6.1*5.0 ERG32-6.3*5.0 ERG40-10.5*8.0
ERG16-6.1*5.0 ERG20-6.1*5.0 ERG25-6.2*5.0 ERG32-7.0*5.0 ERG40-11.0*9.0
ERG16-6.2*5.0 ERG20-6.2*5.0 ERG25-6.3*5.0 ERG32-7.0*5.5 ERG40-11.2*9.4
ERG16-6.3*5.0 ERG20-6.3*5.0 ERG25-7.0*5.5 ERG32-8.0*6.0 ERG40-12.0*9.0
ERG16-6.5*4.5 ERG20-7.0*5.5 ERG25-8.0*6.0 ERG32-8.0*6.1 ERG40-1/2*7.1
ERG16-7.0*5.5 ERG20-8.0*6.0 ERG25-8.0*6.2 ERG32-8.0*6.2 ERG40-12.5*10.0
ERG16-8.0*6.0 ERG20-8.0*6.2 ERG25-8.0*6.3 ERG32-8.0*6.3 ERG40-14.0*11.0
ERG16-8.0*6.2 ERG20-8.0*6.3 ERG25-8.5*4.5 ERG32-8.5*6.5 ERG40-14.0*11.2
ERG16-8.0*6.3 ERG20-8.5*6.5 ERG25-8.5*6.5 ERG32-9.0*7.0 ERG40-15.0*12.0
ERG16-9.0*7.0 ERG20-9.0*7.0 ERG25-9.0*7.0 ERG32-9.0*7.1 ERG40-16.0*12.0
ERG16-9.0*7.1 ERG20-9.0*7.1 ERG25-9.0*7.1 ERG32-10.0*8.0 ERG40-16.0*12.5
ERG16-10.0*8.0 ERG20-10.0*8.0 ERG25-10.0*8.0 ERG32-10.5*8.0 ERG40-18.0*14.0
ERG16-8.5*6.5 ERG20-11.0*9.0 ERG25-10.5*8.0 ERG32-11.0*9.0 ERG40-18.0*14.5
ERG20-11.2*9.0 ERG25-11.0*9.0 ERG32-11.2*9.0 ERG40-20.0*16.0
ERG20-12.0*9.0 ERG25-11.2*9.0 ERG32-12.0*9.0 ERG40-22.0*18.0
ERG25-12.0*9.0 ERG32-12.5*10.0 ERG40-22.4*18.0
ERG25-12.5*10.0 ERG32-14.0*11.0 ERG40-23.0*17.0
ERG25-14.0*11.0 ERG32-14.0*11.2 ERG40-25.0*20.0
ERG25-14.0*11.2 ERG32-15.0*12.0 ERG40-3/8*6.3
ERG25-15.0*12.0 ERG32-16.0*12.0 ERG40-5/16*5.0
ERG25-15.0*12.5 ERG32-16.0*12.5
ERG25-16.0*12.0 ERG32-18.0*14.0
ERG25-16.0*12.5 ERG32-18.0*14.5
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