LHY JIS6339 Pull stud

DIN2080 pull stud
LHY DIN2080 Pull stud
5 9 月, 2019
ISO7388 pull stud
LHY ISO7388 Pull stud
3 9 月, 2019
JIS6339 pull stud JIS6339 pull stud

LHY JIS6339 Pull stud

●Product description:
1.Suitable for machining center, CNC knife handle, connecting, fasteners
2.The Pull stud was made by the standard of JIS B 6339-1998 and imported MAZAK machine processing, One step complete,water can through the center hole;
3.To ensure the accuracy and concentricity of stud, accurate size, protect holders;
4.Each batch of products will be strictly sampling, do pull testing to ensure the quality of drawing, not broken.

● Features:
1.JIS6339 Thread pull stud retention knob for CNC milling toolholder
2.Model No.JIS6339 Thread pull stud
3.Brand name:LHY
4.Angle Degree: 75 degrees
5.Suitable for machining center, CNC knife handle, connecting, fasteners

JIS6339 Pull stud

JIS6339 Pull stud schematic diagram

JIS6gram339 Pull stud schematic dia

Type d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 SW
JIS6399-40T colling 25 19 14 23 17 M16 7 54 29 23 3 7 19
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