LHY MAS-403 BT-APU Drill chuck

HSK63A Tool holder
LHY HSK63A-ER Tool holder
9月 21, 2019
BT40-MTA/MTB Tool holder
LHY MAS-403 BT40-MTA/MTB Tool holder
9月 21, 2019
BT-APU Tool holder BT-APU Tool holder

LHY MAS-403 BT-APU drill chuck

●Product description:
1.Low noise, small wind resistance, suitable for high speed
2.Fast, easy operation, high safety
3.The device must be placed when the collet nut, and then into the tool, then the lock body
4.because tools last longer due to even chip load and less chatter due to special grind process

● Features:
2.Tool Holders Balanced to G2.5 at 25 000 RPMs
3.Coolant thru capability
4.7:24 tapper tolerance<=AT3
5.Carbon depth:>0.8
6.Wear resistance significantly improved

BT-APU Tool holder

BT-APU Tool holder schematic diagram

BT-APU Tool holder schematic diagram

BT-APU Tool holder norm table
TYPE Model.NO L L1 D d
BT30 APU08-80 128.4 80 38 1~8
APU13-100 148.4 1 100 50 1~13
BT-40 APU08-80 145.4 80 38 1~8
APU13-110 175.4 110 50 1~13
APU16-110 175.4 110 58 3~16
BT-50 APU13-120 221.8 120 50 1~13
APU13-180 281.8 180 50 1~13
APU16-120 221.8 120 58 3~16
APU16-180 281.8 180 58 3~16
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