LHY MAZAK Pull stud

SK Pull stud
LHY SK Pull stud
5 9 月, 2019
Mitsui seki pull stud
LHY Mitsui seki Pull stud
5 9 月, 2019
MAZAK Pull stud MAZAK Pull stud

LHY MAZAK Pull stud

● Product description:
1.Each pull stud is tested thoroughly which ensures the quality of the pull stud
2.Hard outside and soft inside, with higher wear resistance and better toughness
3.High quality black oxide ensures long pull stud life and a non-rusting surface
4.Precision turning on all critical surface
5.Large selection for specific machine models, custom design accepted

● Features:
1.Model No.MAZAK-BT 40×45Degree Thread pull stud
2.Model No.MAZAK-CAT40x45Degree Thread pull stud
3.Model No.MAZAK-BT 50×45Degree Thread pull stud
4.Brand name:LHY
7.Angle Degree: 45 degrees
8.Suitable for machining center, CNC knife handle, connecting, fasteners

MAZAK Pull stud

MAZAK Pull stud schematic diagram

MAZAK pull stud schematic diagram

MAZAK Pull stud norm table
Type d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 SW
MAZAK-BT40-45°-M5/8 18.8 12.45 22 17 M5/8 44.1 19.1 14.02 2 3 19
MAZAK-BT40-45°-M16 M16
MAZAK-BT50-45°-M24 cooling 29 20.83 37 25 M24 10 65.2 25.2 17.7 2.5 5 30
MAZAK-BT50-45°-M24 no cooling
MAZAK-CAT40-M16 18.8 12.45 22 17 M16 41.1 16.1 11 2 3 19
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