LHY NT-APU Tool holder

collet chuck holder
LHY Collet chuck holder
25 9 月, 2019
Mechanical Edge Finder
LHY Mechanical Edge Finder
24 9 月, 2019
NT-APU Drill holder NT-APU Drill holder
NT-APU Drill chuck NT-APU Drill chuck

LHY NT-APU Tool holder

● Product description:
1.Very low wear due to high abrasion resistance
2.Excellent chip evacuation due to very smooth surface
3.Highly homogeneous wear due to high shear strength of multilayer structure
4.Uses the anti-knocking tool steel material quality

● Features:
2.Coolant thru capability
3.7:24 tapper tolerance<=AT3
4.Carbon depth:>0.8
5. Carbide precipitation of Nanoscale particls,increasing the hardness and toughness

NT-APU Drill holder

NT-APU Tool holder schematic diagram

NT-APU Tool holder

NT-APU Tool holder
Model.NO L D Clamping range Shank type
NT30-APU08-80 80 37.5 0.3~8 NT
NT30-APU13-100 100 50.5 0.3~13
NT40-APU08-85 85 37.5 0.3~8
NT40-APU13-110 110 50.5 0.3~13
NT40-APU16-130 130 57 3~16
NT50-APU08-95 95 37.5 0.3~8
NT50-APU13-120 120 50.5 0.3~13
NT50-APU13-180 180 50.5 0.3~13
NT50-APU16-130 130 57 3~16
NT50-APU16-190 190 57 3~16
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