LHY Spindle Taper Wipers HSK

tool holder sleeve
LHY Tool holder sleeve
17 9 月, 2019
BT Spindle taper wipers
LHY Spindle Taper Wipers BT
16 9 月, 2019
HSK Spindle taper wipers HSK Spindle taper wipers

LHY Spindle Taper Wipers HSK

● Product description:
1.Handle made of plastic
2.Taper part made of cotton
3.Good cleaning efficiency
4.Made by wool
5.It is more efficient than old type

● Features:
1.Remove contaminans
2.Keep spindle and tool holders clean
3.Real lambskin provides best cleaning

spindle taper wipers

Spindle Taper Wipers HSK schematic diagram

HSK Spindle taper wipers schematic diagram

Type Norm Size
L L1 D D2 D3
spindle taper wipers HSK32 120 14 22 44 18
HSK40 128 20 29 55 18
HSK50 160 25 39 66 23
HSK63 166 25 47 76 24
HSK100 188 38 72 113 31
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