LHY Straight flute taps

spiral flute machine taps
LHY Spiral flute machine taps M35CO
26 8 月, 2019
Spiral flute taps
LHY Spiral flute taps
23 8 月, 2019
Straight flute taps Straight flute taps

LHY Straight flute taps

● Product description:
1.Durable, and long service life
2.High hardness, wear high temperature
3.The Handle made of high quality bearing steel
4.Use introduction:
(1) When tapping, first insert the head cone so that the center line of the tap is consistent with the center line of the drill.
(2) Rotate the hands evenly and apply a little pressure to feed the taps. No additional pressure is required after the feed.
(3) Each turning tap is inverted by about 45° at a time to cut the chips to avoid clogging.
(4) If the tap is difficult to rotate, do not increase the rotational force, otherwise the tap will break.

● Features:

1.100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Material: HSS

3.Suitable for soft tapping metal, aluminum, iron

Package include:1pc xStraight flute taps


Straight flute taps schematic diagram

Straight flute taps

straight flute taps norm table