EDVT Turning Inserts

WNMG Turning Inserts
EDVT Turning Inserts
8月 21, 2019
TNMG Turning Inserts
EDVT Turning Inserts
8月 21, 2019
SNMG Turning Inserts SNMG Turning Inserts

EDVT Turning Inserts

● Producr descirption:
1.Insert for External Turning, Facing, Chamfering, Boring
2.8 Cutting Edges efficient machining with high quality surface finishes and superior wear and adhesion resistance
3.Application: Recommended cermet for long tool life and stable machining for high speed continuous cuts
4.90 Degree Square, Negative Rake Angle, Neutral Turning Insert for Continuous and Finishing-Medium in Steel and Stainless Steel

● Features:
1.Processing material: Steel
2.Type: turning tool Insert
3.Coating: CVD+PVD
4.Material: Hard Alloy
5.MOQ:10pcs, 1 box
6.Specification:Brand new
7.Type: carbide insert
8.Material: carbide
9.Machining Process: finishing and semi-finishing
10.Blade has high strength, high toughness, stable and durable.
11.For high hardness materials and cast iron.
12.Metal surface finishing, good wear resistance.
13.Usage:Internal Turning Tool


SNMG Turning Inserts schematic diagram

SNMG Turning Inserts schenmtic diagram

SNMG Turning Inserts norm table

Norm L Φ1.c s Φd r
SNMG120404 12.7 12.7 4.76 5.16 0.4
SNMG120408 12.7 12.7 4.76 5.16 0.8
SNMG1204012 12.7 12.7 4.76 5.16 1.2
SNMG120416 12.7 12.7 4.76 5.16 1.6
SNMG150608 15.875 15.875 6.35 6.35 0.8
SNMG150612 15.875 15.875 6.35 6.35 1.2
SNMG190612 19.05 19.05 6.35 7.94 1.2
SNMG190616 19.05 19.05 6.35 7.94 1.6
SNMG250724 25.4 25.4 7.94 9.12 2.4
SNMG250924 25.4 25.4 9.52 9.12 2.4
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