LHY BT Bearing tool holder locking device

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LHY Drill chuck
23 9 月, 2019
BT Tool holder ;ocking devide
LHY BT Tool holder locking device
21 9 月, 2019
BT Bearing tool holder device BT Bearing tool holder device

LHY BT Bearing tool holder locking device

●Product description:
1.BT30 Ball Roller Bearing Lock Device BT Tool Holder Tightening Fixtures for CNC Router
2.For BT spindles
3.NEW roller-bearing design
4.Fastest tool changes possible
5.Special bidirectional roller bearings allow compatibility with all BTtool holders
6.Bearing grip the tool holder flange offering maximum protection to the tool taper

● Features:
1.Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China
2.Brand Name:LHY
3.Products name:CNC Tool Holder Tightenning Fixture Locking Devices For CNC Tools
4.Application:Clamping Tool Holders
5.Main Feature: it is applied for locking ball bearing and tool holder without key slot, which can prevent the tool holder from being scratched.


BT Bearing tool holdder locking device schematic diagram

BT Bearing tool holder locking device

BT Bearing tool holderdevice norm table locking
Model.NO H W2
HSK32-C32 167 32
HSK40-C40 167 40
HSK50-C50 177 50
HSK63-C63 190 63
ISO30-C50 177 50
ISO40-C63 190 63
BT30-C46 167 46
NBT30-C46 167 46
BT40-C63 190 63
NBT40-C63 190 63
Ball bearing locker seat without keyway seat seat belt ball bearings thingiverse lock knife tool holder