LHY Carbide burrs

Carbide burrs
LHY Carbide burrs
8月 31, 2019
Carbide burrs
LHY Carbide burrs
8月 30, 2019
Carbide burrs Carbide burrs
Carbide burrs Carbide burrs

LHY Carbide burrs

● Product description:1.Tungsten carbide burrs, also known as rotary burrs and grinding burrs, are a small cutting tool used to cut, grind or smooth metal. They are used extensively in workshops throughout the world. The carbide burr is characterised by a cylindrical shank with a cutting head. There are numerous head shapes and sizes designed for different applications. The head has many small cutting teeth which gives the burr a smooth finishing action. The teeth pattern is called the cut or fluting pattern. Different cuts are suited to different materials or applications.

● Features:
1.Head Shape:Inverted Cone
2.Head Material:Carbide
3.End Style:Flat
4.Single cut burrs are designed with right hand spiral flutes that are designed for rapid stock removal, leaving a rougher finish than double cut burrs. They can be used on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials.


Carbide burrs schematic diagram

Carbide burrs

Order No. Size Tooth form
D L1 d L
Taper with flat head(Type S) S0310M03 3 10 3 50 M
S0413M04 4 13 4 50 M
S0614M06 6 14 6 54 M
S0817M06 8 17 6 57 M
S1020M06 10 20 6 60 M
S1220M06 12 20 6 60 M
S1428M06 14 28 6 68 M
S0804M06 8 4 6 44 M
S1005M06 10 5 6 45 M
S1205M06 12 5 6 45 M
S1606M06 16 6 6 46 M
Carbide rotary boring Milling cutter Tungsten steel milling cutter Grinding head tungsten steel grinding head S-shaped conical flat head S-shaped conical flat-head rotating 锉 Metal steel Iron-aluminum wood carving head S-shaped conical flat head reaming Bit conical flat head S type