LHY Carbide burrs

Carbide burrs
LHY Carbide burrs
8月 30, 2019
Carbide burrs
LHY Carbide burrs
8月 30, 2019
Carbide burrs Carbide burrs

LHY Carbide burrs

● Product description:
1.Standard cut for general applications
2.Double cut for general purpose use. Improves control and reduces chips
3.Aluminum cut for rapid stock removal ofsofter non-ferrous materials including plastic
4.For steel or stainl ess steel
5.Double cut construction and hardened steel shank.
6.Precision ground tungsten carbide cutting tips.
7.Used for shaping, enlarging holes, and weld removal.
8.Great for hard to reach areas.
9.Shape: E

● Features:
1.Made from solid carbide
2.Double cut allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials
3.Chisel type cutting edge to minimise tool chatter and reduce chips to granular shape
4.Suitable for use in steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and cast iron
5.Minimum Sell Quantity : 1 EACH
6.Order Quantity Multiple : 1 EACH


Carbide burrs schematic diagram

Carbide burrs

Order No. Size Tooth form
D L1 d L
Oval(Type E) E0610M06 6 10 6 50 M
E0813M06 8 13 6 53 M
E1016M06 10 16 6 56 M
E1220M06 12 20 6 60 M
E1422M06 14 22 6 62 M
E1625M06 16 25 6 65 M
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