LHY Hand tap

Spiral flute taps
LHY Spiral flute taps
23 8 月, 2019
hand tap
LHY Hand tap
23 8 月, 2019
hand tap hand tap

LHY Hand tap

● Product description:
1.Suitable for the processing of stainless steel and ordinary steel more durable.
2.Mainly used for all kinds of through-hole material thread cutting operation.
3.For through hole machining,has a chip unobstructed,airy advantage,processing speed is high. When processing thread chips forward discharge
4.Its core design is relatively large size,good strength,can withstand greater cutting forces.
5.Processing of non-ferrous materials,stainless steel,black metallic effects are good,threaded through holes spiral point taps should be givens priority.

● Features:
1.Precisions, long lasting sharp,durable
2.Coating of titanium coating
3.Chip removal is smooth
4.Range of application,durable wear-resisting
6.Package Included:3 x Hand Tap

Hand tap

Hand tap schematic diagram

hand tap schematic diagram

hand tap norm table