LHY Needle bearing wrench

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9月 12, 2019
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9月 11, 2019
Needle bearing wrench Needle bearing wrench

LHY Needle bearing wrench

● Product description:
1.The needle roller make of special material, prolong service life, enhance the clamping force.
2.The body is made of high quality steel casting production.
3.Surface had blacken treatment, beautiful and good-looking, not easy to rust.
4.GSK collet chuck system offers exceptional clamping forces and prevent tool deflection which is common in ER collets. GSK collets and collet chucks are fully compatible with other manufacturers SK style collets and chucks.

● Features:
1.Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China
2.Brand Name:LHY
3.Model Number:SK
4.Name:CNC Machine GSK/SK Ball Spanner
5.Model:SK spanners
6.Material:cast iron
7.Usage:Clamp SK Nuts

Needle bearing wrench

Needle bearing wrench schematic diagram


Type Norm D Adapter nut
GSK SK06-C19 19 sk06
SK06-C19.5 19.5 sk06
SK10-C27 27 sk10/GER16
SK10-C30 30 sk10/GER20
SK12-C35 35 sk12
SK16-C40 40 sk16/GER25
SK16-C48 48 sk16
SK25-C55 55 sk25
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