LHY Spindle Taper Wipers BT

HSK Spindle taper wipers
LHY Spindle Taper Wipers HSK
9月 16, 2019
EMR R5/R6 Face Mill
EDVT EMR R5/R6 Face Mill
9月 12, 2019
BT Spindle taper wipers BT Spindle taper wipers

LHY Spindle Taper Wipers BT

● Product description:
1.Morse taper and straight hole two styles,used to clamping tool at CNC machning center
2.Suitable to hold cylinderical shank tools on turret at CNC lathe
3.Sleeve holders have water outlet desgin,increased the service time of tools
4.Surface coating processing treatment,imorove surface hardness and endurance,cleaning better,antirust, accuracy more stable,surface more smooth,feel comfortable,and appearance nice.

● Features:
3.The concentricity of the clamping tools:10u
4.High accurcy of sleeve holders o.oo8mm, 0.015mm


BT Spindle Taper Wipers schematic diagram

BT spindle taper wipets schematic diagram

Type Norm Size
L L1 D2 D3
spindle taper wipers BT30 155 61 32 18
BT40 193 78 44 23
BT50 242 123 68 31
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