LHY Mechanical Edge Finder

NT-APU Drill holder
LHY NT-APU Tool holder
9月 24, 2019
optical edge finder
LHY Opterical Edge Finder
9月 24, 2019
Mechanical Edge Finder Mechanical Edge Finder
Mechanical Edge Finder Mechanical Edge Finder

LHY Mechanical Edge Finder

●Product descriotion:
1.Mechanical edge finder for quick and easy location of round or flat work
2.Manufactured from high quality steel
3.Easy to use
4.Quick and accurate
5.Suitable for milling machines CNC machining machine,can test the X,Y coordinate of work piece

● Features:
1.Concentricity 0.001mm
2.4mm gauge head for the use of small diameter and narrow groove
3.speed 400-600RPM
4.Hard anodic coating without magnetism
6.Hard anodic coating without magnetism

mechanical edge finder

Mechanical Edge Finder schematic diagram

mechanical edge finder schematic diagram

mechanical edge finder
Model No. Norm Size type
D L d Precision
Edge Finder CE-1020 10 90 10 0.01 Machine
CE-420 10 85 4 0.01 Machine
CE-430 10 90 4 0.01 Non-magnetic
OPE20-10 20 154 10 0.01 Photoelectric
No need to rotate photoelectric pair CNC machining center photoelectric type high-precision electronic edge finder non-magnetic field rod photoelectric edge eccentricity finder eccentric type center rod mechanical edge finder CNC CNC mold edge finder Non-magnetic edge finder CNC milling machine precision edge finder without magnetic separator