LHY Opterical Edge Finder

Mechanical Edge Finder
LHY Mechanical Edge Finder
9月 24, 2019
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LHY BT-C To Power full tool holder
9月 23, 2019
optical edge finder optical edge finder

LHY Opterical Edge Finder

● Product description:
1.Touch point LED indication
2.Manufactures from high quality alloy steel
3.Hardened and precision ground
4.Concentricity 0.01mm
5.The red light on with electronic sound
6.According to the sound for deep hole testing

● Features:
1.Quickly locate working edges.
2.Save time to find positions, for Milling Machine, Jig borers, and other machine tools.
4.Uses dry batteries to light the red bulb.
5.The scope of application includes edge surface, inside and outside diameters and high efficiency.
6.There is a safety spring puller, which will put a ball precisely back to the position when ball breaks away from ball seat.

opterical edge finder

opterical edge finder schematic diagram

opterical edge finfer schematic diagram
opterical edge finder

opterical edge finder
Model No. Norm Size type
D L d Precision
Edge Finder CE-1020 10 90 10 0.01 Machine
CE-420 10 85 4 0.01 Machine
CE-430 10 90 4 0.01 Non-magnetic
OPE20-10 20 154 10 0.01 Photoelectric
No need to rotate photoelectric pair CNC machining center photoelectric type high-precision electronic edge finder non-magnetic field rod photoelectric edge eccentricity finder eccentric type center rod mechanical edge finder CNC CNC mold edge finder Non-magnetic edge finder CNC milling machine precision edge finder without magnetic separator